Why choose Medi Spec Limited?

The Medi Spec Limited team has vast experience of providing services to the personal injury and medico-legal reporting market. They can be relied upon to quickly grasp your requirements, consult with you on your clients’ specific needs, and deliver the package of comprehensive medical reporting services. These include medico-legal reports, medical investigation services and access to treatment and rehabilitation services that will best support both you and them.

As no two Medi Spec Limited customers are alike, we offer cost-effective medical reporting solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs. We guarantee competitive pricing, sustainable fee structures, and favourable payment terms.

Our Services

What Medi Spec Limited offers.

Medico Legal Reports

Our comprehensive network of trusted consultants and medical experts have fast turnaround times for the full range of medico legal reports.

Medical investigations

We can help your clients to access a comprehensive range of medical diagnostic and investigation services, delivered by UK-based regulated clinicians.

Expert Witnesses

Our solicitor-led team can source and appoint the most suitable expert witness for your client’s case.


Medi Spec Limited's national network of rehabilitation experts can help your clients to access the right support quickly and conveniently.

Cost budgeting

Medi Spec Limited can provide accurate and timely cost estimates for our involvement in your case, meaning you’re able to give precise information about both our time and the time spent by our experts to the court within the time limit set.

Medical records collation

We understand the importance of swiftly and accurately collating and indexing medical records.